Utopia is a game of god like time travellers, moving through history and becoming supreme leaders, influencing the world to move towards either chaos and grief or peace and utopia.

This game was built upon a monopoly base and incorporates some very specific mechanics based on Mancala. As with all these modified games, the idea is to keep the best elements of the game and eradicate or replace the worst elements. This normally involves getting rid of things that cause a player to determine their tactics based upon selfishness or retaliation. With Monopoly there is always a level of spite, greed or mean spirit that seems to permeate all the tactics. It rewards a spiteful and corrupt mindset, in my opinion.

The outside line plays like Monopoly, with pieces moving around the board and 'owning' a space landed on, but instead of places these are times of great conflict throughout the history of the world. it runs from the far past to the far future and stops at major world war climactic events along the way. The inside section has a flowing of conflict and peace, joy and fear; all opposites in emotion.

With Utopia the design is such that it allows you create a kind of narrative drive behind your motivations, which also then permits a to-and-fro in the playing; it is OK to lose for a while. It also turns the monetary gain aspect upside down by introducing the central cycle. This middle game is based on Mancala but means the players sow influence through a matrix of archetypal concepts, such as fear or joy.