Twin Peaks

Four new arrivals in Twin Peaks seek to understand the mystery that surrounds them, from the Listening Post to the Owl Cave. An FBI Special Agent, a Police chief fresh from New York, a determined reporter and a curious local, all begin their journey in Twin Peaks.

This started life as 'Go For Broke' a board game from around 1988 with the following objective: The game you win by losing a million! The race is on to try and squander a million pounds as fast as you can! Spend wildly, gamble your money away and go for broke! The first to lose a fortune wins the game. It sounds fun but in reality, the mechanics are forced and cumbersome. The best part about it was the use of the spinners at the centre of the board. I decided to update this into the town of Twin Peaks, now instead of losing money you move about the board and try to acquire Insight in order to find your way into the White Lodge, whilst avoiding the Black Lodge. The money was replaced with a single track scoring system, much like Cribbage, but apart from that, it is pretty much the same. I hope that the story setting elevates it above the humdrum of gambling and money swapping. This also makes the success a relative factor, allowing a user to win or allowing others to fail in order to get an end game.