Oh! You Pretty Things

Oh! You Pretty Things is a card game for the late 20th Century, where groovy cats compete to gather the most influential group from the dazzling and pretty things of the 1970′s and become the pinnacle of the scene; the origin of the rock and roll stars. Capturing the heyday of New York and London in the 70's and centring around the world David Bowie. Battling the ups and downs of social etiquette, pauperism, drugs and sex to triumph as the Pretties Thing there is and gain the prestigious attendance of David Bowie.

After the creation of the Dashing Set, I always wanted to extend the rules to cover the 1970s party scene between New York and London. This would happily cover the best artists and move between the worlds of Lou Reed and David Bowie. The trouble I had with that scenario, once I tried to develop it, was that I couldn't see Bowie as a bit player. Just another card to throw in and throw away? Unlikely.

It turned into a slightly different premise: Each year from 1970 to 1979, groups of party people from the scene try to host a special party and invite the best, most interesting people. Whoever succeeds is deemed to be the 'prettiest star' and the David Bowie of that year turns up. Try and collect as many Bowie visitations as possible to become the Pretty Thing.

Where Dashing Set was designed to be an elitist board game that appealed to only a very small set of people, this version is designed to appeal to fans of David Bowie. I can't see that it would make much sense to anyone who didn't know the ins and outs of the 1970's Bowie lifestyle but for fans who know... they know, they know.