A seven part tale of friendship & monster hunting.

As part of my working life I found that I had to be away from home for seven days. As a close little family, such time is difficult for us all and especially so for our three year old boy. I decided to create a 'goody bag' for each day, so he had some small present to open and keep him happy.

The bags I had made and hidden away containedf some tiny toys and a little sweet but the main thing I wanted to give him was a series of paper toys, that I could make just for him. I scoured the internet for interesting and free templates I could adapt and in doing so found a reat collection of characters. I was so beguiled by the collection of tiny paper heros that I ended up writing a story to go with them.

Divided up into seven chapters, each of the creatures was introduced on each of the days.


Further Details

Captain Usagi Mojo. Tiny rabbit monster hunter.

Sargeant Saru Groovy. Trusted monkey companion.

Hypno Panda Yuma and Bolivar. Hypnotic panda friend.

These three form the core Mojo Squad and have been devloped based on the templates offered from the great and inspirational ToyLava. I have tried to contact them with great respect for their work, so please go along and have a look at their craft.

Major Tako Funkybass. Friendly juggling octopus.

A great free template from Jen & Brian Gubicza of I found this to be the best of the Octopus designs and kept his smile and colouring.

The Grump. A monster.

I cannot locate the source for this design. If the artist or any of their admirers can illuminate me I shall humbly request their permission and link to their craft site as best as I can.

The Banjax. A monster.

Based upon the Tentaclopse from the project. This design was by FWIS.

The Horrix. A monster.

Based upon the template for Max from 'Where the Wild Things Are' made by Marshall Alexander. I made it into a monster but a nice one, using the clever face hole design for a mouth.

The templates for the Mojo Squad can be downloaded here as free items, in respect of the great free templates provided by the artists listed above.