Head Shot 2

The Walking Dead Series Two

Every headshot and all the salient points of The Walking Dead series two, set to the tune of “Knights of Cydonia” by Muse. It continues to be an outstanding show despite this slow series. It is Not Safe For Work or Children, mainly due to the explosive and constant gore of zombie deaths. It also contains some spoilers… like all of them.

This season was somewhat cruelly called ‘Argument Farm’ but seeing as almost 12 hours of zombies could be condensed down to 6 minutes or so, the term is probably an accurate one. It was a slow season. However, after condensing like this I came to appreciate the good bits.

Generally, the story arc did not really need all the deviations and distractions it had; looking for Carol’s daughter, the in-fighting between Rick, Laurie and Shane. The in-fighting generally. When it did the zombie thing it did it well, so at least it got aired. Especially all the hassle the show went through with the writers and Frank Darabont, etc.

One thing I noted is that they do seem to shoot zombies that are no threat to them. Personally, I would save my bullets, but the characters seem to like to shoot once a second whenever they get started, even if the zombie is nowhere near them.

Another enjoyable aspect for me, other than seeing the whole series in quick flashes of action, was in editing the whole thing in the iPad. Using the Pinnacle Studio app was pretty sweet, although it lacks many niceties (no effects) it did the basic job.