Fury Road

Riding Eternal, Shiny and Chrome

You too can be a Road Legend, riding eternal on the Fury Road, shiny and chrome. That’s the object of the game. It all centres around the Wheel of Fate. You start out on the Fury Road, just out of the Lost Camps, with a car and a tank full of Guzaline.

As you travel you’ll meet with success, failure and revenge. Your luck – your decisions – may give you more than one chance to make good. You may get revenge on the player who may be a sure winner. Fate plays a large part, but your decisions are also very important. For example, at the first fork in the road, you must decide whether to become a Road Warrior or take the longer way through life as a War Boy with a chance for a secure beginning. You will come to other forks in the road. In each instance the longer way offers greater rewards, but also greater penalties. The choice is yours!

Along the way, you’ll meet strangers and sidekicks; maybe build a clan. You’ll know what it is to have power. There are finite resources available. You may become a general and find your way to the Oasis, or wind up broke at the Pig Farm.

The Game of Life is an old game that has undergone many changes over the years. The set I found in a charity shop was the 1984 edition, and it could not have been more suitable a year for such a depressing and mundane ride through life; game play alleviated only by the occasional gaffe from a semi-sexist past.

However, it did have some good pieces, with its wheel and buildings. We played through it once and Poppy suggested it should be transformed into a Mad Max game; Bust a Deal, Face the Wheel!

By just going through the rules and swapping out the terminology for a post-apocalyptic one, the whole game made sense and fell out very quickly.