Ok. It is a bit childish. It’s also easy to make fun of Bush and the choices he’s made. I am not saying this is a serious form of commentary or a ripe piece of satire, I just needed some visuals to go along with the music, which is frankly insulting enough on its own.

Essentially, I hoped that the work would comment on Tony Blair and his capitulation to American policies on war without the backing of the British people; but maybe it just comes across as “Bush is a Tw*t”.

Once you’ve grasped the lyrics , you’ve got the whole piece in a nutshell.

“I’m f*cking the antichrist, Jesus lend some power to my balls.”

I was tinkering with sounds and thought this came across a little bit NIN/Reznor – which I liked. The lyrics were an attempt at crass commercialist shock value – but nothing is really shocking any more. I keep this around mainly because it makes me laugh.