Original Vurt Trailer

This was the original mix of the Vurt trailer. Although it lacks the perfected timing I think the audio quality has some serious balls. For me that matches up to the Vurt feeling – if I was directing the movie I would want people to be a little nervous. Be afraid. This ride is not for the weak.

Vurt by Jeff Noon – 20th Anniversary Edition released in April 2013 via Pan Macmillan.

Video by Mobius Engine
Music: “Blowdown” by Dayn ; soundcloud.com/dayn/dayn-blowdown

Vurt by Jeff Noon: 20th Anniversary Edition

The video trailer for Jeff Noon’s 20th Anniversary edition of Vurt.
More information to be found here: http://torbooks.co.uk/2013/04/18/vurt-by-jeff-noon-the-trailer/

and of course here: http://www.metamorphiction.com

Jeff Noon

I was thrilled to be able to create the covers for Jeff Noons full range of novels and wanted to show them off effectively. There was also many other projects that I found myself lucky enough to complete and all together here it seems like quite a cool body of work..

Jeff Noon cover gallery

All the covers for Jeff Noon’s series of novels.

Jeff Noon Complete Range of Novels

When Jeff Noon set out a plan to publish his complete back catalogue I was thrilled to be able to create the covers for these as an entire set. However, this also meant that I wanted to make sure that the new published work received as much presentation as possible. I took the existing Metamorphiction wordpress site and created a sub-blog that could focus specifically on the ‘new’ work.

I think of them as new work, rather than the Roots of old as Jeff is in the process of releasing everything as a new series of digital novels, especially for Kindle. Now I can use this blog to highlight both the new artwork and the new digital publications without reducing any of the Metamorphiction site.




Jeff had plans to make a more permanent place for the Twitter stream he was using as a creative output. This website is created to act as a focal point, not only for the tweets to exist but for the music inspired and created by fans, images by contributing illustrators and artists. It became an all-round hub for a joined creative input.

“Microspores are tiny 140 character stories first developed on www.twitter.com/jeffnoon. I have chosen fifty such spores, reworked them a little, and brought them to this more permanent space. If you feel inspired by any of the pieces, please feel free to add your own illustrations, music or videos. Send material to microspores@metamorphiction.com for processing, listing your name and the number of the microspore in question.”

- Jeff Noon, 2012






Jeff Noon’s official website where he writes new fictions, experiments, dub remixes along the avant/pulp borderline, microstories, theories, poems, lab work, genetic texts.

The concept was based around discussions with Jeff where he wanted to focus on Roots and Aerials; Roots being all the previous work and the many spin off creative activities and then Aerials, which would be feeling out new pathways. The degree to which the work he is doing now will effect both his future work and the work of anyone in the digital narrative world is yet to be seen but early work shows it is a creative work place.


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