The day is a completed circle and becomes a microcosm within the year, hence the expression “a year and a day”, which comes from the storytelling tradition and old ‘faerie tales’. The ‘year and a day’ motif was used in curses or blessings and symbolically tied the idea to a metaphor of ‘forever’, or that which contains all time. Thus the year and the day are both microcosms within eternity.

The day referred to in this project is also a metaphor; encircling the octave as a symbol for all music, the colour spectrum as a symbol for all vision and within them all emotional states.

As the day progresses between dawn and dusk the temperature of light and the overall mood changes, from the cool blues of the morning to the warm yellows of the evening. Tradition in many cultures divides the day into the segments of Dawn, Morning, Day, Evening, Dusk and Night.

By tying together the colours of the day with the colours of tonal frequency, I can spread the octave over the period of a day. Each tone of the octave representing a key change within the piece that coincides with the times of the day.

Night ( 12 bars ) C#

Before Dawn ( 10 bars ) D

Dawn ( 2 bars ) D#

Early Morning (10 bars ) E

Morning ( 4 bars ) F

Day ( 6 bars ) F#

Noon ( 2 bars ) F# / G

Day ( 6 bars ) G

Early Evening ( 4 bars ) G#

Evening ( 8 bars ) A

Dusk ( 2 bars ) Bb

After Dusk ( 10 bars ) B

Night ( 14 bars ) C

The melody moves between accents of rhythm of 3/4 and 4/4, to give a perceptual change to the tempo. After the mid point of Noon, the order of the bars is a mirror of the first half of the day. Beginning and ending on a whole note and climaxing at twenty fourth of a note, the melody gradually divides down into smaller and smaller units before returning to slow, ponderous tones.

The primary flow of the melody is based on rolling chromatic swells against a sharper rhythmic line. The tolling of bells is a strong theme behind the composition, with various chiming chords and dulled melodies returning at different times and then the great mid day chime signalling the centre point of the day.

The melody also benefits from moving through every key, giving each segment its own unique aspects and qualities.