Philip Thompson was aiming to create sound-scape and music from his experiences and exploration during 2013. He invited several people to join in (remix, mix, contribute sounds), and I was amongst them. He provided a set of sounds each month, with an open invitation to get involved, and this caught my mind for a few reasons.

Firstly, it was a noble and worthy artistic task. Secondly, I am a lazy creative and will often go with an easy life; here I found a set of new inspirations to work from and some form of feedback in hearing what Phil did and what others contributed. Plus, were all organised, cropped and readied.

Another area that this became interesting for me was the idea of these snippets of someone else's life. I can hear the ambience of a faraway place in the samples and source material. A window on another life. By remixing or working with those sounds I have a strangely voyeuristic feeling. I am aware of a person recording these sounds, an agent creating them from the reality of their own day to day. Recording sounds and then using them when you are already connected to them in time and place is not so easy, but I remain outside of the experiences of these sounds and can listen to them without any context.

I attempted to follow this project by adapting and manipulating the source sounds into what, for some reasoning, I am calling the Elvis Sessions. Remixing Lives, etc. The best part was that I didn't have to feel guilty if I did not keep up the task, but I can enjoy the monthly music making of others. It's a good deal all round.


Phil still maintains MonthMusic over here, as of this writing: