About the M∞bius Eng!ne

This is the Mobius Engine. A website to document my thought process, the stream of social ephemera that seems interesting and any artistic projects I have created in the past. My occasional thoughts can be found in the Mobius Blog, the social streams can be found in the Social section and the projects, old and new, can be found in the portfolio.

The Mobius Engine is also the name for any music projects that I work on, predominantly album/collections of music from my University days where I very earnestly tried to create a meta-theoretical construction of music. These experiments can all be found on the SoundCloud where they range from deeply personal and overly complex compositional processes to funky noise tracks, such as scoring the load up scream of a ZX Spectrum cassette for quartet, or a digital summoning ritual for daemons of the internet, or a remix of noises my cat made when asking for tuna. I created what I think may still be the only digital, non-linear, interactive opera but there is probably a good reason why it remains the only one.

CatJuJu is the umbrella name and pseudonym for Curtis L. Fee; where my career and personal path have taken me though all forms of multimedia, art and design, with forays into film making, animation, cartooning, interactive design and game design. It has probably been my internet name for as long as there has been an internet to waste time on, back when AOL demanded that we create an ‘avatar’ and with it an alternate view of the self which could be projected in our virtual dealings. Such pseudonyms are frowned upon these days but I have yet to feel comfortable enough to abandon it completely.

Curtis L.Fee is the name I use in my professional capacity as a Digital Marketing Manager, but it is also the one I use most often due to it being my actual name. There is one other name which is both more personal and probably used out loud to speak to me more than any of the others, but it is a secret name.